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Learn about Lee DeForest, David Sarnoff, and Edwin Armstrong.

Listen to the audio version of  The Empire of the Air: The Men Who made Radio
by Dave Ossman:

Part 1

Part 2

Edwin Armstrong's take on Nikola Tesla

Basic Training: Circuits

Progress of New Museum Display Development

Some Historic Radio Documents

New Edwin Howard Armstrong Material


Radio Listening

Long-Distance Radio Listening - A simple exercise with your AM radio

Short-Wave Listening Tools

AM Broadcast Information:  

FCC Database    

Medium-Wave Frequency List

Radio Station Locator

NJARC DX Contest   Past, but lots of good information.

Things to make:

Homemade Radios

Homemade Radios Presentation

Al's Crystal Set Page

NJARC Crystal Set Seminar

Simple Vacuum Tube Radios

"Homebrew" Radio Antennas

Easy Loop Antenna Gets DX

Skywaves Air-Core Loop

Short-Wave Antenna System

Make a  Cipher Disk to encode messages.

Fold an InfoAge paper airplane.

Seeing Sound with Visual Analyzer.  A powerful audio instrument suite for your PC.

This could make an excellent science project!

Science Tutotial Series - Links

Session 1, 14 Feb 2009  "Radio Technology"

Main Power-Point Prentation

Presented by:  Al Klase